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    Kotroni: How to Spend a Month in the South Pindus Mountains

    Buried in central Greece, far from the azure waters of the Mediterranean or the iconic white domes of the Cyclades, lie some quiet mountains with their own kind of magic. We happened upon Kotroni quite by chance; after not being allowed to enter Turkey, our search criteria for the next month's accommodation was simply "mountains" and "affordable price" anywhere in the Balkans. I think I should let fate do our travel planning more often…

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    The Magic of Maroneia

    About Maroneia Maroneia is a sleepy little village 3 hours drive (or 7 hours on the single-track train) east of Thessalonki where, if you stumble into the right guesthouse, you might later end up crying as you leave your new adoptive Greek family. This is an article dedicated to someone who turned our week upside down, and what had been a huge disappointment (read what happened here) into a wonderful experience. Shelterless and a little bewildered, we came across Debbie’s home (Guesthouse Petran) and were eagerly welcomed in by her family. As soon as we arrived, we immediately fell in love with the view from the balcony which stretches out…