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Top 6 Things to Do In and Around Chefchaouen

We spent a month in Chefchaouen admiring the beauty of this famously blue city. Here are our recommendations for the top things to do on your visit!

Enjoy the shady beauty of the gardens and outstanding views of Chefchaouen

Essential Info

Entrance is 60Dh per person for foreigners.

Inside the castle walls is a beautiful garden. There are a few exhibits with information (in French and Arabic only) and some photographs of Chefchaouen in the past.

Do not miss

The main attraction is the tower which offers breathtaking views of Chefchaouen on all sides.

Akchour Waterfalls and Talassemtane National Park

…For breathtaking nature, wild swimming, getting your steps in, or simply relaxing next to the river with an atay.

Essential Info

Akchour is located about 50 minutes drive from Chefchaouen.

Entrance is free! Parking is 10 Dh.

Walking to the Big Waterfall ~ 2 hours (one way)

Walking to Small Waterfall ~ 45 mins (one way)

Bring money for food and drinks to enjoy from one of the many small vendors along the path.

For more information, see this post.

Do not miss

Swimming fanatics – there are plenty of opportunities for wild swimming in the river!

Keep an eye (or an ear) out for monkeys! Between the Small Waterfall and Big Waterfall, you can see Barbary macaques up in the trees. They’re not so easy to spot but they make a lot of rustling up in the trees!

For an outstanding dinner with a world-class view, make a stop at Restaurant La Vida before heading back to Chefchaouen. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Get Lost
in the

It’s not called the Blue Pearl for nothing! After a month, I can honestly say we never stopped finding new corners.

Essential Info

Be sure to bring a good pair of shoes. Chefchaouen’s streets are relatively steep. Their maze-like quality is part of the charm but also this means that you will go up and down many uneven stairs.

Top tip

Mornings are much quieter than afternoons or evenings (and much cooler).

Panoramic views of the city await those who are up for a little adventure. This hike is a challenge but a rewarding experience.

Essential Info

This is a moderately challenging half-day hike that takes you to the top of the mountain above Chefchaouen. You have a couple of options – either:

  1. An Out-and-Back route to the top ~ 13km
  2. A circuit which is a bit longer but offers views from the other side of the mountain ~ 16.5 km

Don’t forget..

Bring plenty of water and snacks because there is nothing along the way.

Interested in hiking?

Discover more on our hiking page…

There is absolutely no shortage of restaurants in Chefchaouen and many of these have fantastic terraces from which to gaze over the rooftops whilst enjoying your meal.

Essential Info

Like anywhere in the world, you pay a premium to enjoy a roof terrace. However, prices vary significantly!

For a budget breakfast option – check out Cafe Terrasse Zouhair

More expensive are the restaurants in the Plaza Uta el Hamman (the square opposite the Kasbah entrance).

Pictured here – Cafe Clock. They have a great breakfast offer (50 Dh for a meal, coffee and orange juice). We loved the Berber eggs – and it keeps you going all day!

Something special…

For a stylish, modern (and high-end) vibe, check out Restaurant Triana. Whilst it’s not a roof terrace, the outdoor dining area above the river makes it a very special location to enjoy your meal.

The food is excellent and the staff certainly go the extra mile to ensure you have a great experience. We spent our 1st wedding anniversary here and enjoyed a beautiful meal including prawn tagine, baked goats cheese and a huge seafood platter.

A favourite viewpoint for city residents. Head up there in the evening time and relax with a juice on the wall.

Essential Info

The Spanish Mosque (Bouzafer Mosque) is located about 20-30 minutes from town.

At around sunset, many people gather there, sitting on the wall, it watch the sun go down.

Top tips

Nothing goes better with a sunset than a delicious fresh pomegranate juice! Bring some cash to get one from one of the vendors on top of the hill.

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